PAOLMA is an organization of approximately 100 businesses with the mission of actively promoting ethical business practices and success through our interaction with PennDOT, public officials, government and the private sector. Although the messenger association has been in existence for several decades, PAOLMA was incorporated in 2013 with these goal as our focus.

Since inception, PAOLMA has been diligently working on promoting the welfare and success of its members. Working together with law enforcement, PAOLMA has actively educated government officials on issues regarding registration stickers as well as other matters critical to the success of its members. Members of PAOLMA meet regularly with key State Senators and Representatives. Our efforts will continue in the coming years, and we are optimistic that with the help of new members, we can increase our advocacy on behalf of the industry and our members.

Another primary focus of PAOLMA is the success and prosperity of its individual members. At our annual meetings, which are customarily held in October, we have several guest speakers and vendors to provide insights on running a successful business and to offer tools to improve the profitability of our members. In addition to these insightful guest speakers, PennDOT, the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue and the Pennsylvania Department of State often send key personnel to speak with PAOLMA and provide our members with updates on new laws and critical changes in motor vehicle, notary and sales tax procedures.

Another key goal of PAOLMA is to be an active presence within Harrisburg to educate lawmakers about issues that impact our businesses as well as the residents of the Commonwealth. PAOLMA is proud to say that many elected officials have come to us for advice on pertinent issues, which is evidence of our strengthening presence on behalf of our members. PAOLMA is also forging relationships with other key State agencies such as The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC), Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR), PA Turnpike Commission, Department of State and Department of Revenue.

PAOLMA is not only actively enhancing its image with various state agencies but with the residents of Pennsylvania, too! Each PAOLMA member will receive a logo to be prominently displayed, offering your customers an enhanced sense of security in the transactions you proudly process on their behalf. Our goal, with the help of our membership, is to continue to build PAOLMA into a strong force within the Commonwealth thus securing all of our continued success. By joining PAOLMA, you will join in the efforts above receive the following:

  • Membership in an active community dedicated to the success of your business
  • Resources and education to help further the needs of the industry
  • Invitation to our annual meeting in Harrisburg
  • Enrollment for the PAOLMA e-newsletter, which is emailed several times each year
  • Participation in education sessions in our State Capital
  • Participation in meetings with important policy makers and legislative members
  • A window decal and a certificate of membership to display proudly at your locations
  • Recognition by PAOLMA for members who volunteer and support the group
  • Access to our private Facebook site which is an excellent forum to ask questions
  • Inclusion for your company on the search locator of this website
  • Inclusion with the coolest group of messengers this side of the Monongahela River

Dues are collected annually and help defray the costs associated with our meetings, newsletters, and other activities of the group. We also have a voluntary, but important, fund for our education and advocacy efforts, one which we are pleased to discuss with you at your convenience.

We wish you all the best and hope to meet you in October.